Voz escrita de San Francisco y el Nordeste, No. 461,
Edición 2 de marzo del 2007, Rep. Dom.

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Only for Speak English

By Brian Blowers

Memory Lane

I´m sitting here at the age of 29, thinking of my childhood. The end of the summer Comes and with it the leaves change. Colors pop like fireworks on independence day. From green to yellow, sometimes red. Othertimes dark or light variations. This is a time to eat pumpkin pie. The weather turns cool the leaves begin to fall. We want to enjoy the outdoors before we hibernate.

The great American cookout, what a barbecue. Chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers and every type of salad. A time to play volleyball and get in a last swim in a beautiful nearby small lake. Canoeing is always fun. I grew up being able to see this lake from my home. A quick walk to my grandfathers house. This was downtown, consisting of a supermarket, laundry service, gas station. In back of my grandfathers house ran a small creek. We would swim in it with our sneakers on. Many people would through their bottles in off a near by bridge.

We always looked for crabs. We would always take the path in the woods that came out in back of the supermarket. Not many people would use this route, it was private and quiet. Playing hide and go Seek I went up a tree. A girl came up to catch me, she fell with her foot stuck in the tree. She went to the hospital, it was broken. Rollerrama was one of our favourite places to be. Rollerskating to our favourite beat, Madonna, Def leppard, Guns n´ Roses and others. They had video games too, and who could forget the food. Slush puppies, nacho chips and cheese dip.

Chuck E´ Cheese was better for the video games and pizza. Starwars, Paperboy, Moonwalker, and of course the classics gallaga, pacman, tron and zaxxon. A mechanical mouse would impersonate elvis as I ate slice after slice of pizza. Family reunions where always fun, we would go to the town park. The Olympic size swimming pool was always nice to cool off in. I´d jump from the three meter high diving board.

After a good swim most of it underwater giving the lifeguards a scare I would eat the food, most of all the lasagne. Well I´m done walking down memory lane.